Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Photoshoot fresh, Lookin' like wealth; Im bout' to call the paparazzi on myself."-Jay-Z
My boy Javier, GOODWOOD x Diamond Supply.

Leopard Print x H&M Specs.
Apparently i have ALOT to talk about today. What is this, like 3 posts in one day? I think im getting kind of addicted to this blogging thing (Im still new to it.) .Anyways! This post is about my new tan top i just released. If you don't know yet, I am a fashion designer. I love making clothes, and coming up with new fashion ideas; using any type of inspiration i can get my hands on. Whether it be a pattern, a color, a sign on the road, an advertisement, hell it could be the color of some random chicks fingernail polish.. ut really doesn't matter. I love to create things that are new and catchy. That being said, this is my latest Tank Top i just release in my Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. Tell me what you think in a comment or something! Thanks for the love (;

Atlanta Adventures.

Im back with a brand new post uglies(;So in case you didn't know, I love bracelets. Im borderline addicted. Yes, it's that serious. It just so happens mi amor, the greatest girl in the world, Lani makes all kinds of jewelry; Earrings, Bracelets, Rings.. you name it; she makes it! So, we went downtown Atlanta a few days agp and checked out this jewelry making class. They sell all types of interesting beads and stones to put on jewelry in there. Anyways, back on topic! So we stopped by and checked out the class, it was pretty dope. Check out the pieces her and her sister Adia made below!

So a few weeks back me and my love Lani decided to snap a few shots out of pure boredom., Well i guess the weather was fairly nice as well so we'll just go with that. We shot pics because "The weather was FUCKING GORGEOUS MAN, SHIT.", she's a real beauty huh? She'd kill to be a model so if your angent hit her up (; . But anyways, we took a bunch of pics just because. She's soo photographically challenged it's ridiculous! We at least took 30 takes of ONE picture :P It's all good though, i love her and she's super fun to shoot with. Enjoy the pics.. (;